Maisie Wake

Equine Therapist


Lantra approved Holistic Equine Massage Therapy training courses - and more! 

Ben Hart is one of the UK's leading equine trainers and I was lucky enough to have worked for him at the Donkey Sanctuary. I thoroughly recommend his work. His website contains some fantastic wisdom on the "Thoughts" page. It is also worth looking out for his latest events. 

I have volunteered for this hard working charity since January 2015, applying my behaviour work and massage therapy to any equine individuals who need it. This is a new and growing charity and they are doing an absolutely fantastic job. 

Laura is one of Holistic Equine Training and Therapy's tutors, and provided me with constant support throughout my training.

Laura covers Worcestershire and surrounding areas, and Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. 

Catherine Warren DEP MEPA(UK) is a Barefoot Equine Podiatrist covering the entirety of Devon. I use her for my two ponies, and am constantly impressed how well she listens to the horses, and always delivers a great finished result. My girls both have very nice healthy hooves. 

Learning About Animals was founded by Suzanne Rogers BSc (Hons). This organisation is a brilliant resource for anybody from pet owners wanting to further their knowledge, to animal welfare and behaviour professionals. 

In my opinion the best and most ethical falconer around, I have been learning from and working with Dr Karen Stead-Dexter for many years. Karen holds experience days, hawk walks, falconry courses, weddings, and educational talks. 

Also run by Dr Karen Stead-Dexter and highly rated by me. Reiki & Seichem, Shamanic Healing, Tibetan Head Massage, Space Clearing, Meditation and Flower Essences. 

Epona TV is independent horse TV online, with thoroughly researched latest news at your finger tips. For keen horse lovers it is well worth becoming a member of this site. We are always learning, therefore this is a great tool for keeping up to date with new ideas and perspectives.