Maisie Wake

Equine Therapist 

Email Newsletter Archive

My first email newsletter. Featuring Lyme Disease, looking after yourself, and thoughts on tight nosebands. 

Assateague island ponies, diets, and a great article about hoof care and maintenance by an article by Catherine Warren DEP MEPA (UK)

Featuring Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue Centre. 

Colic, fireworks, and an applied Zoopharmacognosy article by Catherine Warren DEP MEPA (UK)

February 2017

Umbrellas, ladder of fear, and an excellent article about the behavioural aspects of hoof trimming, by by equine behaviourist and barefoot trimmer, Catherine Bell IAABC CHBC

May 2017

Featuring one of my blog articles, "Are you looking for myths and magic?". Also includes an article about hoof protection, by Catherine Bradley DEP MEPA(UK)

June 2017 

This edition highlights the important work that Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue Centre is doing to help nervous ponies. Also a section about Appleby Horse Fair. 

August 2017

A great article about the value in professionals working together, by Catherine Bradley. I also launch summer Fat Fighting!