Maisie Wake

Equine Therapist

Privacy Policy 

I am a small business and I like to keep everything as personal and as simple as possible. That said, it is still important to me that any personal information I keep regarding my clients is kept safe and confidential. Below I will outline some key points regarding how I hold and control my data. 

1. My email newsletter is run through a secure newsletter programme (Direct Mail). This enables all personal details to be kept and managed strictly confidentially.

2. There are clear instructions enabling those signed into my email newsletter to to unsubscribe at any time.

3. I will never pass personal details onto anybody else.

4. All of my paper documentation holding personal information is kept in a locked file in my office.

5. Electronic documentation is password protected

6. I will contact you either by email, phone, or private message through my business page only. This will always be strictly related to your line of enquiry only. 

Maisie Wake

07598 469167